The National People's Assembly (Assembleia Nacional Popular) of Guinea Bissau

The current National People's Assembly, formed following elections last held in 2014, has a total of 100 members, elected through a system of party-list proportional representation. Members serve five-year terms. Its website can be visited by clicking here.

Guinean Parliamentary Group on the United Kingdom

On 28th May 2011, the President of the Guinean Assembly, Raimundo Pereira, enacted a new Parliamentary Group on the United Kingdom, roughly equivalent to an All-Party Parliamentary Group in Britain. The body comprises the following members:

Deputy Manuel Serifo Nhamajo - President of Group (Deputy Speaker of Parliament)

Deputy Serifo Djalo - Vice President of Group

Dr. Fernando Jorge N. Dias - Secretariat

Deputy Rui Dia de Sousa

Deputy Antonio Inacio Correia

Deputy Jose Djo

Deputy Daniel Gomes

Deputy Almame Cassama

Deputy Alvarenga Balde

Deputy Augusto Poquena


The official parliamentary decree constituting the Group is below: