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The United Kingdom Parliament’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Guinea-Bissau was officially constituted on Tuesday, 18th January 2011.

Mission Statement

To promote knowledge and awareness of issues of mutual concern between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Guinea-Bissau; to facilitate inter-parliamentary and inter-governmental relations; to highlight matters of concern to the United Kingdom, including security sector reform, counter-terrorism affairs, British inward investment, good governance and human rights.


The Republic of Guinea-Bissau, which has experienced a turbulent history since independence in 1974, is one of the poorest nations on earth (175/177 on the UN Human Development Index), deserving more attention from the United Kingdom than ever before. The country is widely acknowledged to be one of the world’s international drug trafficking hubs, impacting on the security and welfare of British people. The United Kingdom has already been a stakeholder in European Union projects in the country including security sector reform, landmine removal, disease eradication and maritime affairs.

British activity in Guinea-Bissau extends as far back as the early 19th century. Moreover, Guinea-Bissau, as a country rich in agricultural and mineral resources, is experiencing an increasing amount of economic interest from British companies, resulting in inward investment and trade.

Today, the main focus of the All-Party Parliamentary Group is to share experience with the process of National Reconciliation in the Guinean Assembly.

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